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Erin Conlen

Sustainable Community Development

Prescott College AffiliationAlumni
Area of StudySustainable Community Development
Area of ExpertiseSustainable Building
Current JobCommunity General Manager for a development company

As a Community General Manager for a development company in Pennsylvania, Erin Conlen worked with developers and builders to design sustainable, or “green” structures.

“Protection of nature and habitat were always dear to my heart, which some would see as a conflict with my job [in construction]. Most people think you are on one side or the other; environmentalist or builder. I say, why not be in the middle?

“Through my studies [in the ADP program] I continually research ideas that will enhance what I bring to the table in construction, trying to offer acceptable solutions to both sides. The impact I make may be a small one, but in the end, it benefits everyone around me.”

“I’m often approached with a puzzling question – what is a woman doing in construction?  I have found this is actually where I can make the largest contribution to the progress of sustainability.”