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Fred Harder

Prescott College AffiliationAlumni
ProgramBachelor of Arts
Graduation Year1974

After earning my B.A., I started a career in a variety of capacities within the commercial property and casualty insurance industry. Over a period of 13 years I worked for three large companies in brokerage and underwriting positions in the Pacific Northwest. I left that industry in 1990, and pursued two "dreams" over the next four years. I earned a private pilot's license and instrument rating, and focused on a secondary school teaching credential as well. I then worked as a substitute teacher, coach and wilderness education leader for an independent school in Seattle, WA.  I also worked in Bristol Bay, Alaska, with an Air Taxi operator who also ran a river rafting business.  With some of my free time I pursued my love of travel by taking trips to Sweden, England, New Zealand and Israel. I have recently returned to the insurance business, managing the claims department of a regional wholesale insurance brokerage firm. I have been active in my community by serving as an elected member of the Baha'i Spiritual Assemblies in Portland, OR, and Mercer Island, WA. For the last eight years I have volunteered with an interfaith group that addresses community needs. That role has enabled me to contribute periodic columns to our local weekly newspaper. My Prescott College experience instilled in me the idea of giving back to the community in a variety of different avenues and infused in me the idea of being a lifelong learner.


Advice to students: Be fully engaged in whatever path you take after completing your formal education. It can be helpful for you to periodically ask yourself, "What am I trying to gain, or whom am I serving by undertaking this or that activity?"