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Prescott College Alumni Stories

Prescott College draws in and brings forth people with the most amazing stories and accomplishments! So meet some of them on these pages and take a peek at what they are doing out in the world and what inspiring stories they tell. 

Kim Langmaid

B.S. Biological Sciences, Colorado State University, 1989 Ph.D. ... Learn more


The diverse educational experience I received at Prescott College ... Learn more

Becky Ruffner

I have been a social activist all my adult life. Since I started the ... Learn more

Brendan Buzzard

MSc Conservation and Management, University of OxfordPlease ... Learn more

Abram B. Fleishman

Adam's main focus has been on monitoring waterbird populations, both ... Learn more

Angela Hawse

Angela received both her undergraduate degree in Outdoor Education ... Learn more

Fred Kaplan

Fred credits "the mentor-pupil relationships that were the core of my ... Learn more

Katherine Minott

Although a college instructor for over 15 years, Katherine Minott has ... Learn more

Mike Senigo

Mike’s passion for helping others find joy in sports and the outdoors ... Learn more

Suzannah Libby

Artist and educator Suzannah Libby loves children, play, art, and ... Learn more

Jordan Kivitz

Jordan works with Center for Inspired Teaching in Washington D.C. ... Learn more

Katherine Cudney

Katherine Cudney, MA, created a social activist art project that uses ... Learn more

Matt Leonard

Matt has been involved in ecologically-oriented social movements ... Learn more

Wanda Peters 1980

Do what you are passionate about, take the time to figure out what gives ... Learn more

James Nez

James Nez, Esq. completed both the Limited Residency Undergraduate ... Learn more

Lee Cohen

Lee Cohen has helped many people experience the joy of ... Learn more

Emily Rolando

Emily graduated with a B.A. in Psychology with an emphasis in ... Learn more