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James Nez

Prescott College AffiliationAlumni
Area of StudyLiberal Arts with a focus on Navajo Law/American Indian Studies
Graduation Year2003/2005
Area of ExpertiseNavajo law, consulting, policy writing, legal services, custody evaluations, tribal policy compliance
BusinessNahat’a Siihasin Professional Services, Inc.
Current JobNahata Legal Counsel
LocationKayenta, AZ

James Nez, Esq. began his association with Prescott College as a young man entering the Limited Residency Undergraduate Program. At orientation, he remembers Alison Holmes, the writing coordinator, saying that 99% of the world is invisible, and only 1% is visible. This really opened him up to letting go of personal, negative pride and replacing it with the ability to be open to people and communicate more productively. James next entered the Master of Arts program. He credits Gary Wheeler, his core faculty, with giving him a lot of critical feedback that improved his writing skills. He also received a great deal of support from Joan Clingan, Vicky Young, and Frank Cardamone. James occasionally returns to Prescott College to speak to current students and is amazed how it has grown since his time as a student. 

After Prescott College

James now practices civil and family law in Kayenta, AZ. One of his current projects is working with a veterans' organization to establish a housing complex for veterans. He is also been involved with custody evaluations, policy drafting, and internal rules compliance. He consults with local chapters and government agencies in order to improve services and policies in Kayenta and on the Navajo Nation. James is deeply rooted in Navajo culture. He is a silversmith, a Navajo traditional practitioner who conducts traditional singings, and a peyote way roadman. In his spare time, he is finishing up a doctoral degree in behavioral health with Arizona State University.