Welcome Green Mountain

Jeff Salz

Prescott College AffiliationAlumni
ProgramBachelor of Arts
Area of StudyOutdoor Recreation
Graduation Year1974

M.S. Experiential Education, International College
Ph.D. Folk Study/ Anthropology, Ryokon College

Since graduating from Prescott College, I taught at Selwyn School, Denton, Texas; co-founded the Boojum Institute; created and instructed "The Wilderness Class" at San Diego State University; and I founded Yolla Bolly Institute.  I had the priviledge of creating and hosting two Discovery/Travel Channel TV specials; wrote and published "The Way Of Adventure"; and founded Way Of Adventure, Keynotes, Trainings and Treks. 

What inspires me to do this work? A crazy optimistic faith in the essential goodness of the human heart, a love for wild nature and a deep allegiance to the planet's disenfranchised.  At Prescott College, we used to say, "The world is a sitting duck," and I still believe it. We also spoke of being cultural revolutionaries and gained the skills to be effective communicators, visionaries and leaders.and how to speak outside the box!


Advice to students: My Jewish mother would say, "Follow your blintz," trust your appetite-for experience yes-but also for a sense of justice, integrity and contribution.