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Alumni Jesse King '75 and Lisa Capper '75

Donating Through the Matching Gift Program

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Jesse King and Lisa Capper met at Prescott College, married in 1975, moved to San Diego, and settled in. That’s the short story. 

The two still pursue passions they tapped into at the College. Now Jesse is a configuration analyst for Raytheon, a leader in defense and aerospace systems, and Lisa is a senior project manager for an environmental assessment firm where she completes technical documents under state and federal laws and regulations, focusing on controversial projects with difficult technical analyses.  Jesse takes ballet classes for general toning four times weekly, gets in some archery practice whenever possible, and he never misses a good Sunday surf day.  

Both value Prescott College for the possibilities it opens in the lives of young people.“It provides a student the opportunity to research his/her ability to forge an individual path, and provides a shield from the mundane for just a bit longer,” Lisa notes. Jesse and Lisa show their appreciation by making a charitable donation to the College’s Annual Fund for Academic Excellence every year.  They have used the Raytheon Matching Gifts for Education Program for the past six years to double their gift.  “It’s just so easy; we write a check, go online, scroll down through Raytheon benefit web pages, find ‘Work/Life Programs’, enter the recipient and the amount,”  Jesse explains. “Reading Transitions shows the quality of contributions made by Prescott students after leaving school – in their communities, to their technical fields, and as informed and generous individuals.  We want to support that, it’s good for the world, and [through Raytheon’s Matching Program] we double our gift.”  

Like many companies, The Raytheon Matching Gift Program is designed to encourage Raytheon employees to support education with their personal contributions.  “Search out the possibility,” Jesse says, “Raytheon publicizes the program as part of the employee benefit information; your firm may not publicize its ability/ program to match donations, but it may still be there.”

When ask about their most memorable times at Prescott, Jesse and Lisa recall “snow on the scrub [as we walked] from old campus to the ‘new’ dorms; a young woman tightrope walking from the Commons roof to the patio as part of the Possibilities class; carving a huge totem pole in the dorm living room; Jesse climbing at the Granite Dells and Granite Mountain; motorcycles jumping from roof to roof on main campus;  hiking the Paria River Canyon narrows; a midnight visit to the Casa Rinconada Kiva while working on the Chaco Canyon road system during field school; and of course, Orientation and solo at Lake Powell and Zion [National Park].”