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Jordan Kivitz

Revolutionizing education through innovative teacher training, curriculum development, and compassionate pedagogical practices

Prescott College AffiliationAlumni
Area of StudyEducation
Graduation Year2012
Area of ExpertiseIntegrative Learning and Human Development
BusinessCenter for Inspired Teaching
Current JobTeaching Fellow
LocationWashington D.C.


My journey to Prescott College began at birth, but I suppose this story can begin three-years before attending.After graduating from high school, I decided not to follow the cultural constructions of normalized behavior in terms of going straight to college after 12th grade. I wanted to understand if we are truly stronger, braver, and more intelligent than we could ever know?
After leaving high school, I explored this country, that country, another country, helping to repair bomb shelters, singing songs, speaking different languages, understanding what “indigenous” really means, dancing, sharing great food, exploring dense forests, feeling the energy of cities, meeting amazing people, and interconnecting the stories of who I was, with who I became.
As time went by, I became a rock climbing guide and felt that my job was more than just helping people tie into a rope. Essentially, I was facilitating their experience of meeting fathomless fear, doubt, insecurity, and understanding the words “I Can”. During that time I also began studying the learning process and read many books pertaining to education and developing, for myself, an authentic pedagogy that focused upon the whole human being, rather than just the left hemisphere of our brain. Thus, I began searching for a college that did the same.

To lead out

One must understand that my search had little to do with wondering about large endowments, number of fraternities, or how many past and present senators have attended. Fundamentally, a great school means great people; not swimming pools or multiple dining halls; huge libraries with every book ever written; or so called “prestige”. If the etymological definition of education is “to lead out,” does the question of attendance become more about “what” leads us out, or rather, “who” helps us to see the world like we never have before?
Upon graduating from Prescott College, I was turned inside-out. I felt fully prepared to meet the unknown with deep respect and unfurled gratitude. To me, Prescott College helped me see myself for who I am, and who I can become. This meant creating a degree in Integrative Learning, which resulted in studying fear, potential, human development, liberatory education, and the learning process; being a team member on an 800 mile horse-packing expedition; sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez; completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training; living in Central America; working at various schools, and among many other experiences.

Fellowship at the Center for Inspired Teaching

Currently I work with Center for Inspired Teaching in Washington D.C. Our mission is to revolutionize education through innovative teacher training, curriculum development, and compassionate pedagogical practices. Essentially, Prescott College opened me up to myself, and for this I will be forever grateful.

Enjoy the journey,

Jordan Kivitz