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Julie Bondeson Endowed Scholarship

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Julie Bondeson is the proud parent of a Prescott College alumnus – Adam ’95, who studied Therapeutic use of Wilderness and now makes his home in the mountains of Southern California. It was nearly 15 years after Adam came to Prescott that Julie started including the College in her annual mix of charitable giving.

As the years went by, Julie could see the evidence in her son’s life that Prescott College had made a positive impact. It had steered him in the direction of making a living with his passions. Julie’s own interests are not far off from her son’s, and she wanted to make sure more people would have the chance to be prepared to make a living making a difference the way her son was.

In 2013 Julie Bondeson established a scholarship for students interested in studying sustainable living or environmental programs. With the initial gift, two students will be awarded each year.