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Matt Leonard

US Actions Team Coordinator at 350.org

Prescott College AffiliationAlumni
Area of StudyEcological Economics
Graduation Year2012
Area of ExpertiseEnvironmental Policy, Climate Change, Social Movements
Current JobUS Actions Team Coordinator
LocationOakland, CA

Matt has been involved in ecologically-oriented social movements for nearly 15 years, working with both grassroots movements and with international NGOs. He has more recently focused on climate change issues, seeing it as an issue that interconnects myriad issues from economics, social justice, ecological sustainability, and globalization. More acutely, he sees organizing around climate change as a key strategy to building a movement that can actually transform our economy and political institutions in a systematic way.

For a long time, Matt prided himself on not taking a traditional education route through college, instead relying on the real-world experiences of organizing, being a part of social movements, and self-directed education as his path. He still strongly believes in non-traditional education, and in his 30's found that Prescott College offered him the balance he was looking for in having stronger institutional support for his learning, while still allowing him the freedom to focus on his studies on his own terms.

Matt is currently working for the international climate campaign 350.org- managing our US Actions Team.