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Melanie Hardy

Community Farming and Filling Pantries

Prescott College AffiliationAlumni
Area of StudyAgroecology
Area of ExpertiseFarming
Current JobHead Farmer at Land's Sake community farm
LocationWeston, Mass.

Melanie is currently the head farmer at a community farm called Land's Sake, in Weston, MA.  The farm is a diversified vegetable and PYO berry farm growing on 22 acres (usually leaving 4-5 acres resting in cover crops).  The farm supports a 130 share CSA, a well-established farm stand (the majority of the revenue is generated there) a beautiful PYO flower garden, and it contracts with the local town to donate $25,000 (at wholesale costs) worth of veggies to local food pantries and food access programs in nearby Boston.