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Mike Senigo

Prescott College AffiliationAlumni
Area of StudyRecreation Management
Graduation Year2011
Area of ExpertiseRecreation management, outdoor education, adaptive research
LocationSan Antonio, TX

Playing outdoors is fun for all when it’s safe for all and Mike Senigo will see to that. He brought all of his outdoor skills--skiing, climbing, caving, horseback riding, hockey, rafting and more--, his military experience as an aerial gunner, trainer, and trip planner, and his technical expertise in search and rescue to Prescott College when he enrolled in the Limited-Residency Undergraduate Program in 2010. Thanks to a combination of transfer credits and his Life Experience Conversion Portfolio, a year later Mike had a bachelors degree in Recreation Management with an emphasis in Outdoor Education. At the start of his program he wrote:

“I look forward to focusing my studies on environmentally friendly and socially just recreation programs. In particular I am looking forward to learning about adaptive recreation and the wilderness therapy aspects of recreation. I plan to use these classes to work towards our family goal of creating a ranch in Texas that focuses on three aspects of recreation and therapy. First, we would like to host an equine therapy program to help individuals with developmental disabilities. The second group we would like to help is wounded [soldiers] that are disabled either physically or mentally… and lastly we would like to conduct wilderness trips and outdoor education for at-risk-youth.”

Balancing work, school, and family, Mike designed courses in Trip Planning and Budgeting, Adaptive Recreation, Facilities Management, and Watersports Management. For his senior project, Mike helped create a business plan for a not-for-profit therapeutic ranch while volunteering in various adaptive recreation programs in San Antonio, where he lives with his wife and four children.

“I also attended a wheelchair basketball clinic for two days. It was coached by a USA basketball coach and involved mostly wounded warriors. For me, this was eye opening… The drills and skills taught were much more intense than I expected, which surprised and pleased me greatly. Wheelchair basketball is definitely a difficult and physically demanding sport. The athletes were highly competitive and driven. It was exciting to see and be a part of.”

Mike’s passion for helping others find joy in sports and the outdoors shapes his idea of the possible.

“Be true to yourself and work hard, that's the only way to get where you want to be,” he advises. “ Sometimes it takes some encouragement to get there and I'm more than willing to help people follow the path, whether it's literally a path up a mountain or a pathway in life.”