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Tiffany Rice Paine

Organic & Heirloom Nursery

Prescott College AffiliationAlumni
Area of ExpertiseOrganic and heirloom plant production
BusinessGeneration Gardens
Current JobOwner, farmer
LocationNear Mt. Shasta, Northern California

Tiffany and her husband own a small farm in the Mt. Shasta area of northern California.  For quite a few years they grew produce for local farmers markets and ran a small CSA. However, in the last year Tiffany has refined her business, "Generation Gardens," to focus specifically on the organic production of nursery stock- with a particular emphasis on heirloom varieties, and medicinal and culinary herbs.  She also creates and sells custom herbal tea blends and is working on a line of other herbal products for the home and for the body.  While she loves growing food for those in her community, she found that what she really desired was to empower the home gardener and to provide a wider range of plant varieties than most nurseries could provide.