Tricia Goffena-Beyer

Staff Member, Tricia Goffena-Beyer Explains Giving Her Way

Prescott College AffiliationSupporter

"It is Like Adding Fertilizer to Your Own Garden" 

I have been at Prescott College since July 1992.  Therefore, I have seen the College go through many changes.  My job continues to grow with the changes.  Currently, my responsibilities include assisting the Dean with budgeting, compiling the information for course scheduling and preparing that for publication to students, and providing overall academic support for the program.

Since Prescott College has never been ‘just a job’ for me, I feel it is important to be invested in the institution in more ways than simply doing the best job that I can. I strongly believe in the educational opportunities that we make available to students and as employees, we benefit from being a part of this unique organization as we accomplish wonderful things together. It’s like adding fertilizer to your own flower garden.

My donation helps me feel more connected and proud of what we do as an institution. If I had only one desire for what my donation does for the College, it would be simply to demonstrate to other employees the importance of investing and giving of their resources to the place that sustains them, beyond earning the paycheck. Prescott College is a wonderful place to work, and we want to do everything we can to support not only the mission of the College, but also our financial ability to continue to provide our students with a way to create positive change through our educational philosophy.

Personally, I have served on Staff committees within and outside the scope of my position, represented the Staff on the Board of Trustees,  participated in highway clean ups, and donated time and goods to fundraising activities.  The best way to give back is to do what you can …there are endless ways to be involved!   The annual giving is one of those ways to truly make a difference.