Welcome Green Mountain

Wanda Peters 1980

Prescott College AffiliationAlumni
Area of StudyEnvironmental Education
Graduation Year1980
Area of ExpertiseEnvironmental Educator

Wanda has been lucky to work in the environmental education field throughout her career. She has taught, lead, coordinated, and directed various programs. Her work has included classroom teacher, Park Service ranger, contract environmental educator, naturalist, coordinator for residential outdoor school programs, eco tour guide, and Audubon nature center director. She has traveled from Prescott to Flagstaff to the Pacific Northwest to Wyoming.

Wanda’s inspiration comes from the rocks, canyons, the birds, streams, rivers, mountains, and beauty that is everywhere. Another driving force is wanting to help the move toward a more sustainable, peaceful future. She feels that her experiences at Prescott College  became infused with her life.  She states, “It wasn’t an education that I got, but an education that’s still happening. I was inspired to make my education a lifelong endeavor — thanks to faculty members Carl Tomoff and Doug Hulmes, and of course, my classmates.”

Wanda’s advice to students interested in following a similar path is to “do what you are passionate about, take the time to figure out what gives you the most joy and satisfaction, and do work that is in line with what you believe and value. Also, drink the best beer, wine, and coffee, and eat the best chocolate. Never skimp on those things!”