Student Services

Student Health Insurance Waiver & Enrollment Process

Health and Wellness

Prescott College requires that all On-Campus Undergraduate students have health insurance coverage. Every student will be enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan available through Prescott College unless they waive out of the plan by providing proof of comparable insurance coverage by the waiver deadline. Please read the following information regarding the waiver and enrollment processes:

If you have health insurance (other than the insurance offered through Prescott College): Waiver Process

You must complete the Health and Wellness Student Insurance Online Waiver. This process will be available beginning May 14, 2018 to August 31, 2018. If you do not complete the online waiver process by the designated date, you will be automatically enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan and your student account will be charged. Students only waive out once per academic year, but if a student misses the waiver deadline, they will be held responsible for the charges of both terms.

If you do not have health insurance: Enrollment Process 

If you do not complete the online waiver or enrollment process by the closing dates below, you will be automatically enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan and your student account will be charged. Insurance ID cards will be mailed in September to the address you have on file with the school. A temporary card can be issued upon request after the waiver deadline has passed.

Fall 2018 Enrollment

Health Insurance enrollment opens May 14, 2018 and closes August 31, 2018 - no exceptions!

Spring 2019 and Summer 2019 Enrollment

Health Insurance enrollment opens November 11, 2018 and closes January 18, 2019 - no exceptions!

For questions about coverage and claims please call Aetna at (866) 378-8885. For questions during the waiver process, please call USI at (800) 853-5899.

Counseling Services

Individual counseling sessions with Tony Himes are available for students. Contact Tony at (928)848-1111. or to set up an in-person appointment or to talk on the phone. Evening and weekend hours are available.

Education and Career Services

Disability Services & Accommodations

The College offers services for students with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations are offered based on the nature of the disability and the academic environment. Accommodations are arranged with the ADA Coordinator. Accommodations are not retroactive, so they are usually setup at the beginning of each term. Below is a partial list of common academic accommodations and ADA-related learning disability support services requested by students at Prescott College:

  • Extra time for tests and assignments
  • Text book readers
  • Note takers
  • Study skill and strategies training
  • Time management strategies
  • Registration and degree planning assistance
  • Sign language interpreters

ADA Coordinator
Mari Longpre
phone: 928-350-2259

Career Services

Career Services at Prescott College starts as soon as you begin to get to know your faculty and continues through your academic career, and as an alumni. We strive to provide the information, contacts and resources to our enrolled students and alumni so that each individual can direct their own path. Guidance is available along the way through faculty, alumni, and others on campus.

At Prescott College, you will compile an E-Portfolio

A compilation of all your academic work, which allows you to provide future prospective employers with the relevant experience and knowledge base you have obtained through your Prescott College education. You leave Prescott College with a resume of experience, not just a transcript of courses taken.

At Prescott College, instructors really get to know you

One of the greatest assets of a Prescott College education is the development of close working relationships with several faculty members who are well-connected in their fields. This provides direct access to opportunities for jobs and graduate fellowships, as well as the familiarity that allows faculty to write effective letters of reference.

At Prescott College, our alumni want to help you

Part of the Prescott College experience involves multiple layers and opportunities for mentoring. In addition to mentored course studies, many graduates volunteer time to be available to current students as a career mentor.