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Conference Housing

Accommodations during Summer and Symposiums

Our Conference Housing program provides comfortable residence hall rooms in a campus environment for academic-related groups and individuals. If your group is seeking summer guest accommodations at Prescott College between the dates of May 15 and August 1,  we would be happy to discuss our offerings with you and assist with other on-campus arrangements.

Guest Accommodations Information



General Information

The Office of Residence Life is located across the parking lot from the Village Parking lot, along side of the Campus sidewalk. The desk is open in the evening to assist conference guests when there are guests staying on campus. Daily desk hours are from 8 am. to 5 p.m. Monday- Friday, 928-350-1006. Should you need assistance before or after desk hours, please call 928-713-8915 for assistance.

Residence Hall Rooms 

Rooms in the residence halls include a bed, desk, and wardrobe or closet for each participant. Gender specific restrooms and housing assignments are available. All buildings are centrally located on campus and are within walking distance to anywhere on campus and local grocery stores.  During the academic year, these spaces house our students.


• Air-conditioned and non air-conditioned facilities
• 24-hour staff service  
• Towels and linens   (at an additional cost)
• Internet access
• Small communal kitchens with an oven, stove, and refrigerator
• On-site laundry facilities

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

A no-smoking policy in all residence halls is instated during the summer conference housing season. In addition, no overnight guests are allowed in the residence halls who have not been registered. All pets are forbidden in the residence halls as well, except for service animals. Although Prescott College prohibits alcohol on campus, event specific arrangements for alcohol allowance can be made at the time of registration.  Please do not bring alcohol into the housing area without the written consent of the Residence Housing Manager.


Housing facilities are turned around very quickly between groups therefore check-in and check-out for each group/person is limited to a one to two-hour time block.

When a group checks out, any linen should be placed in the pillow case and dropped off at the Residence Life Office. All trash should be removed from the room and placed in the appropriate dumpster receptacle.

Indemnity and Damages

Each group agrees that all the participants of their group are under the direct and complete supervision of the group. The rules and regulations of Prescott College will be adhered to and followed by all participants of said group and enforced by the group’s leaders(s). The group and the undersigned individual will be liable for any and all damages resulting from the group and its participants’ and guests’ use of the facilities and services of Prescott College. The group and the undersigned individual will reimburse Prescott College for all the damages to facilities and services used by the group, it’s participants, or guests. The group and the undersigned will hold harmless Prescott College against any and all claims for loss, injury or damage to persons and/or property arising out of activities of the group, its participants, or guests. Prescott College assumes no liability for any property placed or left by the group, its participants, or its guests in Prescott College facilities.


Each group shall obtain its own insurance from an outside source in the amount of no less than $2,000,000. Prescott College is to be named as an additional insured in that policy and will receive a certificate of said insurance no less than thirty days before the first date that appears on the contract.


Adult participants are issued keycards/ keys for both the unit and their individual room. Participants under eighteen are given a room key only and must be with a chaperone to enter the residence hall for security purposes. Replacement cost for missing or lost keys is $50.00 per key or keycard.

Smoking and Alcohol 

Smoking and alcohol are not permitted within any meeting facility or residence hall at the Prescott College campus.


The visiting group must provide one adult supervisor for each group of eight to ten children (those under age eighteen) in each residence hall in use. This adult must enforce the rules and regulations of Prescott College.


Prescott College will accept only emergency calls for the participants during the time of the program. The group will designate one of its members to contact the Residence Life Office during normal working hours to determine if any such calls have been received. If there are any afterhour’s emergencies they will be directed to the RA on Duty, which is available twenty-four hours a day at 928-713-8915.




Designed Single Room: $50 per night
Double Occupancy Room: $35 per night/per person (outside groups)
Linens are billed at $10 per packet (including pillow case, fitted sheet, flat sheet, light blanket and pillow)


Deposits are due along with a signed contract and are equal to twenty-five percent of the estimated housing cost.

All charges will be billed immediately following the event. All unpaid accounts will be due no later than thirty days after the billing date, indicated on the billing statement. If the balance is not paid by the date on the final invoice a ten percent late fee will be assessed. If the bill becomes ninety days overdue, than the late fee will be raised to twenty-five percent. In the event that Prescott College has to incur any expenses in collecting payment from the group, the group agrees to pay all of the University’s cost of collection. This includes, but is not limited to, a collection agency fee and/or a reasonable attorney’s fee.

Reservation Information

Reservation Information

We have experienced staff to assist with your conference arrangements. They can help answer questions specific to your stay and walk you through the application process. Contact them by email at conference.housing@prescott.edu, or by phone at (928) 350-1006. Please read the information below about conference housing. Submit an application by filling out either the Conference Housing Application for Groups form or the Conference Housing Application for Individuals form.  If you require wheelchair accessibility or visual strobe alarms, please let us know before you check in.


Each group agrees to provide Prescott College with a complete list of all participants two weeks prior to check-in. The group will be responsible to pay for this number of attendees (the guarantee) for housing as a minimum, even if subsequent changes reduce the number of attendees and/or room nights requested. The list must include each participant’s full name, gender, and any special room requirements. This list must also include any early arrival or departures. Each group must promptly provide the University with any additions, deletions, or other changes to the participant list. Changed or late additions are subject to a $5.00/person fee.

Prescott College does not guarantee availability of housing accommodation or meeting facilities in excess of 105% of the guaranteed numbers. If a final declaration of numbers is not given to Prescott College two weeks prior to the date of the check-in/registration time, Prescott College will assume attendance to be those estimated numbers listed under the housing section of the contract, for use of on campus housing and each group will be responsible to pay for the guaranteed number for the number of nights reserved.