Housing Staff

Community Members Who Care (meet the staff)

The Residence Hall staff includes professional and student staff members to enhance your on campus living experience. The driving goal of our staff is to provide a living/learning environment that encourages academic achievement and assists students in their growth outside the classroom.

In-hall Staff

The Residence Halls are staffed by Resident Assistants (RA). The RA's primary role is to support residents. RAs are undergraduate students with at least one year experience living in the residence halls. They are hired through a competitive selection process and thoroughly trained in communication, conflict resolution, and group facilitation, as well as organize activities, and social community building. 

Living/Learning Environment

 RAs' function is to help keep students informed about events on campus, to be a resource and to help maintain an effective living/learning environment. RA recruitment begins in the late fall and early spring for the following academic year. If you are interested, keep an eye out for advertisements and attend an information session.

Building Service Technicians (BST)

These staff members are assigned to the residential areas and are responsible for cleaning outdoor common areas and responding to maintenance requests inside the halls.

Central Office Staff

The central office staff consists of individuals who have specific responsibilities to ensure the residence halls and the programs therein are well-maintained and that your needs are being met. They are committed to providing an atmosphere that fosters responsible and enjoyable community living.