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Any great college story has a few chapters devoted simply to living on campus: 'talent shows' by the fire, weekend trips, memorable meals in the Crossroads Café, making life-long friends. If you don't live on campus at least part of your college days, you're missing out. And far from your typical residence halls, at Prescott College our students live in Townhouse style digs that were designed and built to be eco-friendly. How cool is that?

It is quite common for the terms "dorm" and "residence hall" to be used interchangeably. However, there is a specific, key difference between them. A dorm is a shortened version of the word dormitory. Dorm is originated from the Latin word dormï (re) which means to sleep and -tory which, in this case, means place. Here at Prescott College, we want residents to have more than just a place to sleep. We want to advance their student careers and enhance their personal growth. With these additional goals in mind, our Housing Office has expanded its mission to include "Residence Life". Taking advantage of our trained residence staff and professional associations, The Office of Residence Life & Housing has created environments which we proudly call Residence Halls.

Living on campus allows students to grow academically, meet new friends, and take advantage of the opportunity to make the most of their college experience. Individuals who live in the Prescott College residence halls have higher GPAs than off campus students, enjoy many conveniences, and become active in the positive development of their community.

 All student rooms are furnished with a bed frame and mattress, dresser, desk, chair, window coverings, recycling bins, and wastebaskets. See the video about Prescott College Village

 The College is not responsible for any personal belongings if lost, stolen or damaged in any way, or for damage to the facilities or furnishing provided by the College due to negligence by a student and/or their guests. The Office of Residence Life & Housing recommends that students seek renters insurance while living in university-managed housing. This may be done by contacting parents/guardians homeowners insurance or obtaining an additional policy.

Students seeking off-campus housing can visit the Prescott College Off-Campus Housing Postings on Facebook for recent housing and room/housemate postings.