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    • The Directory page provides information for Prescott College personnel.
    • The Financial Aid page informs students of opportunities, processes, and responsibilities regarding financial assistance in support of their educational pursuits.
    • for students selected for Financial Aid Verification.
    • Direct Loan Entrance and Exit Counseling for student loans
    • Prescott College does award the TEACH grant.
    • Prescott College Repaying Your Loans (Student Loan Code of Conduct)
    • Resident Undergraduate Handbook
    • Lost & Found Policy
    • Frequently Asked Questions page shares information on Parking on Campus, Citations and Appeals.
    • Fire Safety Report informs students on missing student protocol, crime, fire, emergency notifications, timely warning, etc.
    • All College Catalogs and Addendums includes important information such as dates, student responsibilities, conduct instructions, and refund policy if students withdraw or make a leave of absence from the college.
    • College Policies and Bylaws includes resources for Prescott College, Inc. and Prescott College bylaws, including Drugs, Alcohol, and Narcotics (Controlled Substances) Policy.
    • page provides information about Prescott College satisfactory academic progress and degree completion policy.
    • FERPA/ Student Privacy shares information on students' rights regarding the privacy of their student records deriving from FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) and procedures for correcting and controlling the publication of student record information.
    • The Facilities and shares information on the services and accessibility provided by Prescott College for students with disabilities.
    • Prescott College page presents data on ethnic diversity.
    • varies from program to program. The link will provide information regarding the cost of attendance including tuition and other expenses for our various programs.
    • Student Refund Management Services Agreement - Agreement between Prescott College and Tuition Management Services (TMS).
    • Net Price Calculator allows individual students to estimate the financial aid they may be eligible to receive and the actual cost of attendance. Additional information regarding financial aid can be found on the  page.
    • page shows how students can access information on textbook rental and purchase.
    • Prescott College
    • shows a map of Prescott College
    • A biographical sketch of faculty members can be found on Faculty and Mentor Guides.
    • The Accreditation shares information on Prescott College institutional and programmatic accreditations. 
    • The Copyright Information page details student responsibilities regarding the use of copyrighted materials as well as Computer Use and File Sharing. Students can obtain additional information listed under the Computer Use Policy page.
    • The Clubs & Organizations  outlines some of the co-curricular programs that coordinate with academic programs to accomplish our educational mission in the lives of students.
    • Career Services information
    • Direct Loan Model Disclosure Form
    • Financial Aid
    • Drug Free Workplace Policy
    • Common Data Set