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Strategic Planning

Where we are and how we envision the College in 2020

Prescott College is pleased and excited to announce that the Board of Trustees  approved our Prescott College 2020 Strategic Plan.  Not only did they approve it, many of the Board members said it was the best strategic plan they had seen.  I know how hard the entire PC community worked to create this plan. Congratulations to us all!

Strategic Planning: Process

Using six working groups comprising representatives from the faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustees, and external community members, the College is marking where we are presently and where we envision the College should be in 2020.  The result of this is a 10-year strategic plan with built in measurable benchmarks along the way, to indicate our forward progress toward the goals we set.

Guiding Principles: 

Social justice, inclusiveness, collaboration, high quality standards, “one college initiative,” student-centeredness, fiscal responsibility, best practices, growth in programs and enrollments, diversity, and sustainability.

Working Groups: 

The Working Groups are comprised of faculty, staff, and students plus one Board of Trustees member and one external community member. Chairs will not be from the President’s Circle.

Steering Committee: 

The Steering Committee is comprised of the chairs of each working group and reports to the President and the President’s Circle.

Prescott College 2020 Strategic Plan