Information Technology Services

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Technology Support

For IT help or technology-related questions or problems, please contact IT services through one of the following methods:

Our Service Philosophy

  • In support of Prescott College and its vision, mission, values, and strategic initiatives, IT Services will consistently provide high quality services to all College academic and administrative programs. We are committed to continuous, long-term improvement to meet customer requirements in an innovative and exceptional way. We regard customer satisfaction as our primary measure of success.
  • In striving to consistently deliver the best service possible and to treat others as we would like to be treated, all IT Services staff will make the following commitments to users:
  • Reliability: We will provide service that is thorough, dependable, and accurate.
  • Responsiveness: We will consistently provide prompt, courteous assistance. When we are unable to help, we will direct users to the party who can.
  • Respect: We will give individualized attention to each user's need without bias and with full use of available resources.
  • Accessibility: We will endeavor to provide equitable access to services and resources for both in-person and off-site users.
  • Environment: We will strive to provide a learning environment conducive to study and research.
  • Staff Quality: We will support our staff to ensure that they are knowledgeable and prepared to offer service that inspires trust and confidence.
  • Our intent is to earn and maintain the respect of students, faculty, and staff; promote trust in the IT Services department, and establish collaborative working relationships with the College community.