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AV Loan Program

Equipment Checkout Policies and Procedures

The Prescott College Learning Technology Department maintains and makes available a limited amount of audio visual (AV) equipment in support of campus functions that involve academic instruction or official business. Equipment available includes laptops, PA and sound system equipment, Go Pros, digital SLR cameras, web cameras, web microphones, etc.  

Who Can Check Out Equipment?

Enrolled students and Prescott College staff and faculty can reserve and check out AV equipment. Pick up/drop off times are between 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday – Friday. Weekend checkout items are to be picked up by Friday at 4:30 PM and returned on the specified day and time.


Prescott College provides AV equipment on a first come/first serve basis. The Prescott College Instructional Technology department makes no express guarantee that any particular AV equipment is available. While efforts are taken to ensure equipment is current, functional, and in ample supply, there are no guarantees that we will be able to meet all requests for any specific technology in every instance.

Checkout Duration

The maximum duration for equipment check out is six days (144 hours) unless special arrangements are made for out of the area trips. Once the equipment is returned, another reservation may be made assuming items are available for checkout and not reserved by other users. We understand that there are times when AV equipment is needed for consecutive days. We also understand that when equipment is out for an extended period of time, others may not have access to equipment they need due to the limited supply of items.

Checkout and Return Procedures

Each item is checked out (assigned) to the person requesting the equipment. The person reserving the equipment must be the person checking the equipment out and is responsible for the equipment regardless of who uses or returns the equipment. The reserving person is responsible for the care of the equipment until it is returned and checked back into inventory. Check out this video tutorial to see how easy it is to use our AV checkout system Watch Video

Fees and Loss of Privileges

Late fees will be charged for items that are returned more than a half hour past the reservation time. A rate of $5.00 per day begins accruing once the 30 minute grace period has expired.  If items are not returned within 14 days past the due date, the responsible person will be charged the entire replacement cost.

Equipment that is returned damaged will result in the cost of the repair being charged to the responsible person, up to and including the entire replacement cost if the item is beyond repair. If an item is lost or broken, the patron’s checkout privileges may be suspended until the cost of replacement or repair has been paid.

For students, these fees will be applied to their student account.  Unpaid fines can prevent students from registering for classes or receiving transcripts until the fees are paid in full. Privileges to check out equipment may be suspended until fines are paid. Privileges may be revoked if items are consistently late or items are repeatedly damaged. 

For faculty and staff members, your department will be asked to pay for the repair. If an item is not repairable then your department will be responsible for the replacement cost.

Lending privileges are at the sole discretion of the Learning Technology department. 

Please contact the Learning Technology department if you have any questions about the policy for AV equipment.