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Technology Fee

Investing in our student learning environment

The technology fee enhances the College's student learning environment and increases Prescott College’s capacity to meet digital environment expectations. Prescott College students have high expectations for learning and living in today's digital environment, including wireless access in high traffic public locations and in all campus outdoor areas, instructional technology tools, technology support for limited-residency students, library materials that are digitally available, and appropriately equipped classrooms. A technology fee oversight committee comprised of students, faculty, and staff ensure this fee is directed to maintain, upgrade, and expand the College's capacity to provide this essential operating environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the fee?
$100 per enrolled semester (fall, spring, summer).

When did this fee start?
After approval of the Prescott College Board, the fee was implemented summer 2011 term.

Why do we need this fee?
The College recognizes the responsibility to students and faculty to provide a digital environment that supports both resident and limited-residency students. The technology fee will specifically support the creation, maintenance, and enhancement of this digital environment. With this commitment, the College ensures that funding is available without competing for funds from the general budgeting process.

Who is on the technology fee oversight committee?
The technology fee oversight committee is comprised of students, faculty, and staff. Student members are current students in the on-campus undergraduate, limited-residency undergraduate, and limited-residency graduate programs. The faculty members on the committee are those who have the greatest integration of technology in their delivery models. Other members include the Library Director and academic support staff. The technology fee oversight committee is led by the Provost, Paul Burkhardt.

Who can I speak with for more information?
Paul Burkhardt, Provost, E-mail


What has the Technology Fee Supported?

  • February 2012 - June 2012 funding computers, software, HD monitors, to enable multi-purpose technology lab and ITV (instructional television).
  • Continued funding to develop and implement on-line services, access to contact and academic records, grades, registrations, transcripts, etc. for all students, faculty, and staff.
  • April 2012 funded software for library to support all students research across multiple databases
  • January 2012 funded computers and external hard drive for Kino Bay field station.
  • January 2012 replacement and addition of 30 new PCs and iMACs in the Library for student use in compliance with the acceptable and responsible use policy.