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Terril Shorb

Academic Statement

Terril is a long-time faculty member of the Adult Degree and Graduate Program and is co-publisher of a small, natural history press, Native West Press. He strongly believes in student's deep capacities to master self-actualization toward service to the human and natural world.  He invites his students to be co-creators of new and needed ways of learning for a more compassionate and sustaining world, including the reunification of ecological and social aspects of human consciousness and helping communities to grow toward bioregional self-sufficiency and resilience.




Ph.D., Prescott College, Sustainability Education; M.A., Sonoma State University, Interdisciplinary Studies, 1992; Journalism Certificate, Sonoma State University; B.A., Sonoma State University, Communications Studies, 1989.


Terril Shorb has extensive background, education, and professional experience in inviting people to reciprocal relationship with the natural world, which also nourishes social connections.  This expertise is grounded in his adolescence as a member of a large subsistence family and continued with his role in a group of co-founders in 1974 of Montana's Alternative Energy Resources Organization (AERO).  He created in 1996 Prescott College's Sustainable Community Development Program, the first of its kind in the nation.  He works with classroom teachers and other adults to help them understand the science behind the developmental benefits to young people of their direct contact with the natural world.  Related to this work, he created the popular "Children and Nature" course to extend that kind of knowledge in his student's communities.  Terril works in the greater central Arizona highlands region to help citizens actively conserve and restore natural habitats for the durable health of the community of ALL beings.


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Verde River Watershed Association: presentation on "Del Rio Springs: Oasis of History and Possibility," which offers a cultural and natural history of a rare artesian springs in central Arizona that is biodiverse and has been an important crossroads for native people for millennia.

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Coverage in News & Media

Terril's current livelihood path as an educator was preceded by extensive and rich experience in news media.  He has been a reporter for weekly newspapers, a radio advertising copywriter, and a successful freelance magazine writer.  He continues to write and photograph for select media and encourages his students to develop their skills to do the same. He also co-edits a natural history press with his wife, Yvette Schnoeker-Shorb.