Welcome Green Mountain

Marc Anthony Polizzi

August 31 - Sept 22

Reception: August 31, 6 - 8 PM

Marc-Anthony Polizzi was born  in 1983 in the post-industrial city of Utica, NY. He attended PRATT at Munson  Williams Proctor Institute of   Art, The New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, and received his Masters in Fine Art from Tulane University in New Orleans.   His education was punctuated by time spent as a traveling  carnie, factory brazier, video store clerk, set designer, among other jobs.   These diverse and happily demeaning experiences would later help shape his work.  Also heavily influential was his time spent living in post-Katrina New Orleans and growing up in the failing rust belt city of Utica, NY.

Polizzi’s work has been shown  in cities across  the United States, including Chicago, New York City, New  Orleans, and   Kansas City. He has also appeared in numerous publications from New Glass Review (Corning Museum of  Glass) to Staging Spaces, Scenic  Interiors (Gestalten Publishing). His current body of work further developed while in residency at Sculpture Space, a time which allowed him to    establish new techniques and experiment with paint, texture, and form.

Currently Marc-Anthony  Polizzi lives and works out of Kansas City, Missouri. He enjoys hiking,  canoeing, and long walks on a beach.


My work  uses a process of reconstruction and unification to examine the domesticated chaos of the post consumer world. This  area where the  relatively ordered and relatively disordered coexist and interact  might seem like a contradiction, considering the more austere and  violent sense of chaos. However it is in this gray area in which I construct my work. These installations draw on the history and narrative properties of found objects, to bring out the human  connection often lost in the glimmer and glitz of an ever growing  material culture.