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Endowment gifts provide lasting support for Prescott College’s people and programs and play a key role in ensuring that we can always be true to our vision to set the standard for academic excellence through experiential, collaborative education that transforms diverse learners into leaders who make a living making a difference. There are numerous naming opportunities for endowments to support student scholarships, faculty fellowships, and development of new programs.

At Prescott College, we have the following specified funds:
• General endowment
• Scholarship
• Endowed chairs
• Buildings and campus projects
• Professional development
• Academic programs and the Library

Specific Named Endowment Funds at Prescott College may be established with a minimum gift of $25,000, including matching gift funds. Please see the list of existing named endowment funds below. For more information on Prescott College’s Endowment Policies, please request a copy from the Office for Insitutional Advancement.

Endowed Scholarships

The Prescott College Endowed Scholarship program is open for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Current Endowment Funds

Current Endowment Funds

Arts & Letters Writing & Literature Scholarship

Dr. Bev Santo Endowed Scholarship

Bob and Barbara Mariano Endowed Scholarship

Boyce Endowed Scholarship Fund

Clowes Scholarship Endowment

Dorothy Ruth Ellis Endowed Scholarship

Dugald Bremner Scholarship Fund

The Douglas F. Hulmes Endowment for Environmental Education at the Prescott College Kino Bay Center

The Douglas F. Hulmes Endowment in support of a Place-Based Environmental Education Faculty Postition

Ebarb Group Scholarship Fund

Endowment for the Max and Bessie Bakal Memorial Lounge

Freedom Education Fund

Gemma Bryce Kemp-Garcia Scholarship Fund

General Endowment Fund

Haide Koskinen Endowed Scholarship Fund

Hearst Scholarship Endowment

Helen R. Wright Memorial Scholarship

Hulmes Legacy Endowed Scholarship

Interdisciplinary Senior Project Endowed Scholarship

James Merit Stuckey Scholarship Endowment

Julie Bondeson Endowed Scholarship Fund

Kelly Megan Stack Endowed Scholarship

Knaup Family Scholarship Fund

Latin American Studies Endowment

Lovejoy, Rifá, Hulmes Minority Endowed Scholarship

Maas/Morris Scholarship Endowment

Mark and Gwen Goodman Endowed Scholarship Fund

Meeks Endowed Scholarship

Merrill Windsor Scholarship Endowment

Prescott College Alumni Fund for Faculty Endowment

Quitobaquito Endowed Scholarship Fund

Randy Tufts Memorial Scholarship

Rosanne Cartledge Scholarship Endowment Fund

Scholarship Endowment Fund

Susan N. Coleman Trust

Thomas H. Simpson Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

Wells Fargo Endowed Lecture Series

Ziesenheim Faculty Endowment for International Studies

Ziesenheim Endowed International Scholarship