Welcome Green Mountain

About the Campaign

We have identified $30 million of needs to support our continuing vision: that Prescott College sets the standard for academic excellence through experiential, collaborative education that transforms diverse learners into leaders who make a living making a difference. Committed to social justice and environmental resilience, we will continue to serve local and global communities through innovative and intellectually adventurous liberal arts and professional programs.

Immediate needs in three areas have been identified:

  • $15 million to improve our place (capital projects)
  • $10 million to support our people (endowments)
  • $5 million to strengthen our purpose (infrastructure and special projects)

This Campaign’s success will impact every single member of the Prescott College community—students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, family, and friends—in a direct way: Through scholarship support or working with the renowned faculty; through updated and state of the art labs, classrooms, and support technology; through sustainability improvements to the campus, large and small; through continued opportunities to engage with mentors, classmates, and friends in settings both familiar and new; and through career development and support services to ensure continued success beyond the halls of “PC.”

Invest in the Prescott College experience and become a partner in moving us toward a new level of academic excellence in the hands-on, experiential education of a well-informed, self-starting, open-minded citizenry poised to conserve and improve the world’s environmental and social systems now, and in the decades to come.

To Invest in our Experience today, contact the Advancement Office at (928) 350-4509 or investinexperience@prescott.edu