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Stocks and Securities

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Benefit Our Students

Gifts of stocks or securities often provide a greater tax benefit to the donor than a gift of cash. Gifts of stocks or securities are valued at their fair market value on the date the certificates are transferred to Prescott College. For publicly traded securities, the fair market value is computed as the average of the high and low market prices on the date of transfer. Securities that have decreased in market value from the time of purchase can still be used to make a significant gift.

Gifts of closely held stock (usually stock in a family-owned business) are another means of contributing to the College. The securities must have been held for over 12 months for the donor to deduct the fair market value. A qualified appraisal is required for gifts of this type that exceed $10,000. Stocks or securities may be transferred directly to a Prescott area broker who works with the College.

Please ask your broker to inform the Prescott College Office of Institutional Advancement of the following:
• The number of shares
• The type of shares
• The name of the issuing company

If you wish to present the College with an actual stock or bond certificate, please obtain and date a stock/bond power form, which you can acquire from your broker. You can request and sign the form where the signature can be Medallion Guaranteed. (Banks and brokers often provide Medallion Signature Guarantees.) Mail the signed, guaranteed stock/bond power and the unsigned security certificate in separate envelopes to the Prescott College Business Office at 220 Grove Avenue, Prescott, AZ 86301. If you wish to make a gift of securities from more than one company or issuing agency, the donor must mail a stock-bond power for each. On receipt, Prescott College will use the date on the stock-bond power as the date of the gift. If there is no date on the stock-bond power, the postmarked date will be used.