Interdisciplinary Studies BA

Signature Courses
Awakening Citizens to Community Engagement for Beneficial Change
Sustainability, the Environment, and the Arts

A Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies will allow you to craft your education around varied interests and passions. You’ll be empowered to blend courses from multiple disciplines, providing you with boundless opportunities to explore and discover what inspires you. By bridging together knowledge from various fields you’ll graduate with a solid understanding of how the world is interconnected and you’ll be prepared to tackle the challenges of the 21st Century.

You’ll find that many of the courses at Prescott College are interdisciplinary, so you won’t need to go far for inspiration. Courses like Bikepacking and Geology blend the fields of adventure education and environmental studies together, while other courses pull together art and social justice.

At the heart of the undergraduate program is the Core Curriculum, which acts as a solid foundation from which to build your degree. Each Core Curriculum course is interdisciplinary in nature, bringing together instructors with varied backgrounds and knowledge.


  • Learners will develop linkages between their interdisciplinary intellectual inquiries and their own ethnic positions in terms of contemporary challenges facing diverse individuals, communities, and societies.
  • Learners will integrate arts and science knowledge, methods, and modes of thinking drawn from two or more disciplines relative to complex problems and intellectual questions.
  • Learners will approaches derived from an area of primary focus to complex interdisciplinary paradigms.