Kino Bay Center

Prescott College's binational field station dedicated to biocultural conservation through education, community and science.

The Vision

The Center provides information, training, and support for students, scientists, educators, and community members; and builds platforms for equitable collaborations between people from different cultures and institutions to co-create viable solutions to complex socio-environmental challenges.

The Opportunities

The Center hosts a full calendar of classes covering topics in marine science, climate studies, community-based conservation, social justice, art, language, writing, and research. Each year, we host approximately 1,400 visitors including researchers, students, faculty, community members, and partners from dozens of institutions, as well as community groups from Mexico, the United States, and around the world. The Center's mission, staff, and programs are supported and enriched by our deep connections and long presence in the region. For more information, view our Annual Report.

Join Us

The Kino Bay Center’s community-based conservation work is informed by both science and traditional ecological knowledge, and at each step of the process we facilitate dialog, civic engagement, and experiential education. We believe effective conservation is a collective action, and we invite you to join us in exploring and protecting some of the most bioculturally rich marine and coastal ecosystems in the world.

Contact Us

Prescott College - Kino Bay Center
151 Calle Cádiz y Puerto Vallarta
Bahía de Kino, Sonora, México, 83340
Mexico: (+52) 662 242 00 24
USA: (+1) 928 350 2236

Start Your Journey

We nurture healthy, diverse relationships with respect and support both inside and outside the college.


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