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Spanish Intensive & Cultural Immersion

Photo By Lorayne Meltzer

Expanding students' knowledge in language and culture in the Sonoran region

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Friends on the Beach - Photo by Lorayne Meltzer

The Kino Bay Center’s Spanish intensive and cultural immersion programs strike an excellent balance between high quality Spanish instruction and incredible field trips and community activities. Students will be placed into personalized, level-based Spanish classes focusing on grammar and vocabulary, as well as speaking and comprehension skills. Students will live with local host families in Kino Viejo, providing the opportunity to informally practice and advance their language and inter cultural communication abilities. Additionally, students will participate in service projects, guest lectures, discussions, and local field outings allowing them to further engage in Spanish, while experiencing the culture, history, and ecology of coastal Sonora. This course provides an excellent foundation for students wishing to pursue further studies in Spanish, International Studies or Latin American Studies.

The Kino Bay Center is located within the Kino Bay community and is very engaged with not only the local community but also the indigenous Seri community in the region. The field station is an ideal place to get involved with the social, economic, and cultural themes of the region in an intimate and well-structured environment.

Courses can be designed for varying lengths, from 5 days to 1 month, during the months of October, November, February, March, April or May.  For more information please contact Director Lorayne Meltzer at lmeltzer@prescott.edu 

Sample Schedule:

Breakfasts and midday meals are spent with families every day. Evenings are spent with family and in the community.

Day One: Afternoon Arrival

-Field Station orientation

-Meet host families, afternoon intro activities

-Getting settled in homestays

Day Two:

-Spanish level evaluation and placement; Spanish Instruction 1

-Comcaac museum and talks with Comcaac elders

Day Three:

-Spanish Instruction 2

-Town scavenger hunt in Kino Viejo

-Hike up Punta Ignacio

Day Four:

-Spanish Instruction 3

-Guest Lecture: Marine Mammal Workshop 

Day Five:

-Spanish Instruction 4

-Service project at local elementary school

Day Six:

-BOAT DAY: Marine life  and Islands survey

Day Seven:

-Spanish Instruction 5

-Reflection and closure activity in the sand dunes 

-¡Fiesta de despedida!

Day Eight: