Keep the Kino Bay Center Motoring!

"I awoke on the beach in front of where the station is today to one of the most spectacular sunrises I have ever witnessed. That was on the first class to Kino with Dr. Jane Taylor, January 1972. I knew this place would change my life. I dreamt that the College could someday have a station and bring marine conservation and education to the region. The rest is history thanks to all who have been entranced by the region and committed to actualizing our potential."

–Doug Hulmes, Prescott College Professor and International Educator

Prescott College supports the Center in a good portion of its operational expenses, and grants pay for the majority of our research, community outreach, and conservation work. However, we have needs that neither of these sources will cover. For example, in order to continue our research initiatives, community programs, and Prescott College classes, we urgently need to replace our boat motors and trucks for field activities. Our current vehicles and motors will not be certified for use in the coming year, so the need is immediate.

The Kino Bay Center has hosted thousands of students, researchers, fellows, interns, professors, and community members from Kino and around the world who share a passion for the Midriff Islands and the Gulf of California, and so far we have received incredible responses from our alumni in support of this campaign.

Jennie Duberstein, a Fellow in 2002-2003, who has since propelled her career as the Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Sonoran Joint Venture of the USFWS, sent us these words of encouragement:

“Thank you for the opportunity to support this wonderful place. My time at the Kino Bay Center has impacted every facet of my life, from who some of my closest friends are to this day to the path that my career has followed. I am grateful every day for the time I got to spend learning about the Gulf of California and the people who live there, for the friendships forged, the knowledge gained, and the lessons learned.”

Yet, while we are a college field station, our influence reaches so much farther than just university students. With over 25 years in Kino Bay, we have made waves in the community and the region with our programs in Research and Conservation, Environmental Education and Community Leadership, Estuary Conservation and Indigenous Community Partnerships

From ecology classes in local schools, to Prescott College Classes,  to co-management of the UN Ramsar Site of Laguna la Cruz, the Center works every day towards a more sustainable Gulf of California and planet. Every donation, in any amount, helps us continue this vision. Please consider making a secure donation on our fundraising page: