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Research Support and Collaboration

Photo By Naomi Blinick

Supporting researchers and resource managers from academic, government, NGO’s and community groups

One of the most important functions of any field station is to support researchers and resource managers from academic, government, non-government, institutions, and community groups. Over the past five years the Kino Bay Center has supported over 80 projects from approximately 45 different institutions.  Researchers and resource managers visiting the field station are supported in a number of ways including:  boat support, lodging, internet access, lab/desk space, logistical/technical assistance, data sharing, meeting space and local knowledge.  The field station also serves as an information center facilitating interdisciplinary and inter-institutional connections between researchers and projects in the region.  In addition the field station connects local community members from Kino, Punta Chueca and Desemboque with information and opportunities for capacity building and employment afforded by visiting researchers.   The ongoing presence of the field station strengthens the collective contribution of research and conservation projects conducted in the region.