Prescott College Receives $2.2 Million Grant from the U.S. Department of Education


Prescott College has received a $2.2-million grant (total award $2,227,547) from the U.S. Department of Education through the Title III Strengthening Institutions program (SIP) to implement a comprehensive development plan: Making a Difference: Transforming the Undergraduate Experience. The award, which will be distributed over the next five years, will provide the College with the resources to significantly increase student success, ensure institutional vitality, and intensify its effort to develop leaders for the future. This is the first time that Prescott College has received Title III funds.

As a whole, the Title III project is driven by Section 427 goals intended to remove barriers for the identified minority groups, providing equal access and participation in higher education tied to degree attainment and economic mobility. The initial award for the first year is designed to help eligible institutions of higher education to become self-sufficient and expand their capacity to serve low-income students by providing funds to improve and strengthen the academic quality, institutional management and fiscal stability of eligible institutions.

“Prescott students are active learners seeking an engaging experiential education tailored to achieve the professional goal of attaining a purposeful career that contributes to environmental sustainability and social justice,” stated Prescott College President, Dr. Barbara Morris. “This funding will provide increased structure and support while helping us to achieve our mission of educating diverse students while enhancing our world community and environment.”

Diverse in their academic needs and interests, students are typically attracted to the ‘hands-on’ learning experience, self-direction, and depth of experiential learning opportunities. Due to its location, Prescott also draws an increasing number of rural students including many indigenous and Latinx students. An open admission policy has improved access for a diverse student body, increasing the demand for comprehensive support services and clear curricular pathways to ensure their success.

A distinctive factor of the faculty is their pedagogical expertise in experiential and field-based learning. As practitioners and experts in their fields, they engage students in unique educational experiences and environments where they can apply theory through practice and demonstrate the professional skills required for career success. With a student/faculty ratio of 9:1, small class sizes allow for a high level of interaction and guidance in their fields of expertise. 

Prescott College seeks to educate students of diverse ages and backgrounds to understand, thrive in, and enhance the world community and environment. Prescott College sets the standard for academic excellence through experiential, collaborative education that transforms diverse learners into leaders who make a difference. Committed to social justice and environmental sustainability, the college serves local and global communities through innovative and intellectually adventurous liberal arts and professional programs.