Research Ethics (IRB)

Institutional Review Board


The Prescott College Institutional Review Board acts as an administrative body ensuring state, federal, and international compliance with regulations concerning the use of human beings as research participants. All research involving human participants conducted by faculty, staff, or students must follow all standards set for by the IRB in to ensure:

  • Human participants are neither harmed nor placed unduly at risk over the course of study
  • That all participants are aware of their rights 
  • That investigators comply with all regulations on the state and federal level. In addition, that investigators conducting research in other nations, including tribal nations, obtain permission from those nations and comply with all applicable regulations and laws of that nation
  • That investigators uphold the highest of ethical standards of care relating to participants, including, but not limited to: maintaining confidentiality, providing informed consent and, when applicable, assent, and minimizing risk of harm.

Faculty participation on the Prescott College Institutional Review Board rotates and complies with the Common Rule regarding membership, with at least five members including one natural scientist, one social scientist or humanities expert, and one member that is not affiliated with the institution. Members have the responsibility to approve, require modification, or deny approval to all proposals brought forth that contain research using human participants. The Prescott College IRB welcomes inquiries and will strive to assist all researchers in the review process.

For questions or comments, please email the board at Active board members include:


Emily Affolter, Ph.D. ; Robin Currey, Ph.D.; Mark Daily, Ph.D.; Gretchen Gano, Ph.D. (Chair); Kimberley Greeson, Ph.D.; April Ruth Hoffman, Ph.D.; Mary Jackson, Ph.D.; Jeremy Johnson, Ph.D. (ad hoc); Maurie Lung, Ph.D.; Scott Ramsey, Ph.D.; Centae Richards, Ph.D.

The IRB is supported by the following doctoral students:

Jocelyn Pereira; Jeffery Kirkendall

IRB Process

Students should discuss research and institutional review with their faculty, mentors, or advisors. 

  1. Consult with your Core Faculty Member and/or Mentor on the process and need for IRB review. You may contact the board at for further support.
  2. Complete the CITI training on protecting human research participants. Successful completion of the Social-Behavioral Educational (SBE) Basic series of training modules is a necessary step in the IRB process and is free to Prescott College students. Use your email address to register. Upon completion, record verification with Academic Operations. 
  3. Review the Exemption Checklist.  If you and your supervising faculty/mentor believe your research qualifies as exempt, please include your identifying and contact information along with a rationale for your exemption request.  Email this request to:  This request must be approved by a member of the Institutional Review Board. Faculty and mentors may not approve an exemption. If the Board member approves your request for an exemption, you will be notified within 72 hours.
  4. If you and your supervising faculty/mentor believe your research qualifies as expedited review or a full review (non-exempt), you will be notified of the IRB’s receiving your application within 48 hours.  You can expect the full review process to require approximately 30 days.
  5. Complete the IRB Proposal Review Form utilizing the information you have gained from coursework, instructors/mentors, your core faculty, and the above steps. Ask your instructor/mentor/core faculty if you have questions when completing the form.  Draft and revise related research forms, including consent forms and research instruments. When your proposal has been received, please review these steps with your Core Faculty and/or Mentor to ensure that all stages of the review process are being completed. (Note: see below, the IRB Proposal Review Form Worksheet to draft your response -- download and fill via Adobe Acrobat or fill in your browser and "print to .pdf")

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