Diplome de absolvent

Diplome de absolvire la Prescott College

Students explore graduate degrees to advance in their careers, to take a new path, or for the sheer joy of learning.  Our graduate programs provide the flexibility you need and the support that will help guide you on the next step of your journey. 

Our unique bio-regional approach means you'll learn by sharing experiences with a cohort of peers who are also  applying course material in a practical way within their own communities. Each of our programs acknowledges individuals’ interests and learning styles. 

Majoritatea diplomelor noastre postuniversitare pot fi luate 100% online, permițându-vă să faceți din comunitatea dvs. clasa dvs., cu opțiunea de vizite ocazionale la campus pentru orientare și colocviu pentru a interacționa cu colegii dvs. și profesorii dvs. De asemenea, oferim un program în campus în justiție socială și organizare comunitară, precum și un master online 100%.

Many of our programs, like our Adventure Education and Environmental Studies masters, offer a healthy dose of self-design, allowing you to create courses through mentored study to focus on your passions.  Professional preparation programs that lead to licensure (in Education and Counseling) are more structured.