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Life at Prescott College

Students who come to Prescott College are vital, engaged people who want to make a difference. Most share a love and respect for the outdoors and a deep concern about social justice and for the jeopardized environment. They have inquiring intellects, uncompromising ideals, and soaring spirits.

Over the decades, through active involvement, Prescott College students have impacted and shaped the College and helped make it what it is today. Opportunities for involvement abound—an extracurricular version of the College's experiential education model.


Student Clubs & Organizations

Current student organizations and clubs reflect the broad range of interests of Prescott College students, from the environment and social justice to the arts, to fire dancing and contra dancing, to Capoeira and ultimate frisbee.

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Student Involvement and Leadership

There are many avenues for student involvement at Prescott College. All enrolled students are members of the Student Union who then elect members to the Student Union Board (SUB).

Student Union Board (SUB)

Weekly SUB meetings are the main forum for students to discuss and debate College issues and policies. SUB endorses and supports a variety of activities and student-run organizations, and is responsible for disbursing funds collected from student activity fees. Proposals to receive funding from SUB for events, clubs and senior projects may be submitted and deadlines will be advertised via College e-mail.

Board of Trustees & College Committees

One student per year serves on the Board of Trustees, and students may also serve on various College-wide committees. Contact or the Student Leadership and Event Coordinator at (928) 350-1006.

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