Sustainability Management BA

If you're passionate about business and our environment—you'll have a place in this online bachelors degree program.  

The Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Management is designed to give students a home for their personal vision of how to design and implement measures that facilitate business goals and enterprise while considering environmental concerns. The program supports the physical environment of their community, the values, practices, and needs of humans who reside there, and the influences of, and access points to, relevant government and private enterprises whose activities affect the well-being of the community. Projects done throughout the program will distill from studies and be designed to address authentic needs in the student’s community. Students may focus on rural or urban settings.

Want to take your education further? Be sure to ask about our accelerated MBA in Sustainability Leadership! 

● Learners will understand, critically assess and master the basic management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling and their use in integrating organizational resources to achieve success for sustainability. 

● Learners will be able to identify and analyze current and changing business contexts - including economic, environmental and social linkages in local, regional, national and global communities. 

● Learners will know and understand the role of markets and marketing in society and how they can be harnessed for sustainability. 

● Learners will be able to generate, analyze and interpret financial information that will be useful in decision making and assessing organizational performance and sustainability outcomes.